Personal Growth

Standards for Career Ready Practice describe the fundamental knowledge and skills that students need to prepare for transition to postsecondary education, career training, or the workforce. These standards are not exclusive to a career pathway, a career technical education (CTE) program of study, a particular discipline, or level of education. Standards for Career Ready Practice are taught and reinforced in all career exploration and preparation programs or integrated into core curriculum, with increasingly higher levels of complexity and expectation as a student advances through a program of study. Standards for Career Ready Practice are a valuable resource for CTE and academic teachers in the design of curricula and lessons that teach and reinforce the career-ready aims of the CTE Model Curriculum Standards and the Common Core State Standards.

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Personal Self-Assessment

In Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership, we took a quiz in class that determined which of the different styles of communication. Later, we also watched a video that elaborated on the different ones. From analytical, direct, social, and relational, I am a socializer due to my extroverted communication style.

I can apply my social style anywhere I go because it is so versatile and applicable in many situations. I can use it in a meeting, an interview, the grocery line, anywhere. In the classroom, I can help facilitate a group project by keeping strong communication and making sure it isn’t too stressful. Also, I can keep amity with people so networking with people will be easy. Finally, keeping situations interesting will be my forte in groups.

However, in a professional setting it should be clear where socializing should stop. In this situation, there should be boundaries as to how far one is talking about their personal lives. Along with that, they should keep on task and not get bored easily. We have a tendency to lose attention if it is not socially focused.

I would like to improve my skills in being more outgoing than what I already am to improve working atmosphere for better cohesion. Also, I would like to practice better focusing so I can get more done on my part.

In conclusion, being a socializer in communication is helpful and difficult in many ways. I hope to use these skills in the classroom and work and improve as time goes on.

Professional Development